Amy fitzpatrick

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  Artist  animator director

Currently Studying Directing Animation at the National Film and Television School, Amy Fitzpatrick is an award-winning 2D and Stop Motion Animator for her short film Doll Maker. Amy was an animator on BAFTA shortlisted NFTS film ‘Meow or Never’. She graduated from Birmingham City University in 2019 with a degree in Film and Animation.


Previously Amy has worked as an Animator and Prop Maker at Second Home Studios and The National Film and Television School.

In 2020 Amy was an Artist Residency at Birmingham City University. 

Amy continues to work as a freelance Animator, Artist, and Director currently in pre-production for a new short film. 


The Becky Awards/The viscom awards 2019:

  • The Second Home Studios Animation Award            

  • The Mockingbird Cinema Film and Animation Award


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